Use at your own risk. The makers’ liability is limited to standard Apple reimbursement/return policies. This product was created for use in disaster/devastation settings only. This app is designed only as a passive reporting and record-keeping tool for emergency relief and aid workers and does not, in any way, by implication or existence, supplant or replace the work of police, international or local governmental departments, death certification, or missing children or other vulnerable-population tracking and/or care efforts. The existence of this app does not constitute any real or implied response to these reports at any time. This app is designed to be used only in settings of overwhelming death and refugee dislocation, where no other reporting/notification/recording options are available. The accuracy of reports is completely dependent on operator error, and the makers do not accept any liability for erroneous, inaccurate and/or misleading reports, lost samples, mislabeled samples, corrupt files, mis-identification or any other misuse, including deliberate misuse for any reason, including for the consequences of the analysis of the reports. The makers do not accept any liability for injury, accident, prosecution, anxiety, infection or other adverse events associated with the use of, misuse of, or refusal to use this product. The user assumes all responsibility for reports of bodies, unaccompanied minor, and other vulnerable population data that is submitted, or cached for later submission, sent to any receiving agency or other group, or lost for any reason. Any loss, including loss due to errors inherent in the app’s design, technical or otherwise, is the user’s sole responsibility. The makers do not receive reports, data, or DNA samples, nor do they perform data or reporting or DNA analysis functions, nor do they forward such submissions, nor accept responsibility for the receipt, completion, accuracy or misuse of those reports. All reports sent to Memoriam websites or emails will be deleted unopened. Check with governmental, international, or aid agencies in your area for who will receive reports and/or samples. A portion of the all proceeds goes toward humanitarian aid.

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